Eagle Harbor Technologies

Research Engineer (2012-2016)

I have contributed to the fundamental research, development and commercialization of EHT's primary commercial line of High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Generators. In addition, I've contributed to research projects funded under SBIR programs through NASA, DOE, Navy, and the Air Force. I've created both control and high-power circuitry from concept, to PCB design, to testing and application. Though the testing and troubleshooting of these circuits, I have developed extensive experience in high-power and high-frequency measurements (up to ~100MHz), including familiar with high-voltage testing safety. I also have developed machining/prototyping experience, and an even greater knowledge of electric, magnetic, and mechanical material properties for construction.

Specific Projects

Printed Miniature Magnetic Probes

Dielectric Barrier Discharge Study

200 kW SiC-MOSFET H-Bridge

DBD Plasma Sources

Retarding Field Energy Analyzer

30 kA Microsecond Pulser

Pulsed Power Jumping Ring


RC Pulse Compression

General Skills

PCB & Circuit Design

System Enclosure Design

"The Beast": AC-DC Converter

Pulse Transformer Design

High Voltage Measurement

CAD Modeling

General Lab & Machining Skills

Grants Worked Under

Navy SBIR Phase I:Azimuthal-Current Driven (ACD) Plasma Beam for Space Debris Mitigation

DOE STTR Phase I/II: Low-Impurity, Electrode-less Pre-ionizer Plasma Gun for Innovative Confinement Concepts•

DOE SBIR Phase I/II:A Robust Modular IGBT Power Supply for Innovative Confinement Concepts

NASA SBIR Phase I:Development of a Plasma Injector for Supersonic Drag Reduction

DOE SBIR Phase I/II:Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET-based Full-Bridge for Fusion Science Applications

NASA SBIR Phase I:Large-Area, Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet for Spacecraft Surface Sterilization for Planetary Protection

NASA SBIR Phase I: High-Resolution and Frequency Printed Miniature Magnetic Probes